Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are the building blocks of good search engine optimization. They are links directed to your website. The number of backlinks your website has is an indicator of its popularity and how useful it is. Here are two reasons why they are important.

They Improve Page rank in Search Engines and Help in SEO

Search engines such as yahoo, Bing, and Google give preference to sites that have many backlinks and consider them as being relevant in a search query. It is easier to get a high ranking with backlinks than when using external links from foreign websites to influence search engines. As of recent, search engines are increasingly becoming strict with the use of inbound links. Some of the sites have deceptive tactics that with are considered unbecoming.

Backlinks are a Source of Traffic

Backlinks not only improve your site ranking, but also drive traffic to it. A site or blog needs traffic which the aim of search engine optimization. Posting these links even on sites with little or no PR (page rank) in external links is also good as long as they increase traffic to your site.

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