Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business Or your Name

As you build your business, the one thing you have to do is ensure that you are branding your business. For a lot of people this might mean trying to find a business identity that you can relate to, it’s also about building your product line and your services around your goals and how you have established your company and business. For example if you look at a company like Starbucks, their marketing is focused on not just drawing people into their stores. This is what Dunkin Donuts does and it’s worked effectively for them. They want to focus on recycling efforts, and ensuring that they have new products that are made from fresh ingredients and assorted ingredients. Because branding your business is also about getting your customers to understand what you sell and how you sell it, you want them to be comfortable with your products and services and as you work to build equity with your customers, they can come to find that you have a company they can rely on, to continue to use your business for future things and of course, they will then refer friends and family to you.

Pricing And Discounts

Notice that companies always rave about all their diverse products? As companies prove they can scale themselves, that’s why Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts know that they also have sandwiches and donuts and other things that you can purchase while you’re there. Branding your business is also about pricing and discounts. For example with Target having great deals and discount prices, they have built a steady clientele. But for example, you have a company like Walmart to offer better deals and discounts but they don’t take care of their employees, or they have issues with labor unions, so it makes people more ready to shop at Target because they don’t hear about them fighting with staff over money and salaries. They hear about great products and sales.

Branding Your Business With Social Sites Like Twitter And Facebook

Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business

As we are becoming a country where everything is about leaving a comment, or a tweet, or posting a message on Facebook about your experience, you have to be sure that with every customer experience for as much as you can, that you get good feedback. Another area where branding and marketing your business is important, is your consistency and follow through. This may not always work, as you have customers who may go on Yelp and complain about your product or service. Just ensure that you follow up with that comment so that people know that you are staying on top of your business. This happens all the time with TripAdvisor where people go in and they say they hate a hotel. The manager will go right behind them and leave a comment and say they’ve read the bad review and they’re working to better their service and products. That is one of your top goals in branding your business, ensuring that you maintain consistency, you continue to grow, and you are personal with your customers each time and every time.

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