Domain Whois

Domain Look Up What Is It? A Brief Explanation

When we perform a domain look up, we are typically typing in a website address such as Please note this is only an example. However, it should be noted that actual computer websites or domains have a=what are known as IP Addresses which are numbers, such as 123.234.345.456. Again, please note this is an example only.

When the actual domain name is pit into your web browser’s address bar, the computer then goes off and via your internet service provider, will then perform a query on the root servers which will first look for what is known as a top level domain. In other words, the web address is read backwards, starting with the ‘.com’ and then going backwards.

It will first trace the top level domain which may point to another country. An example of this would be In this case, it would look for the website in the United Kingdom, then serach all the ‘co’ or company refistries and follow on back to the website name.

The website name would then have a ‘translator’ which points the address to the numerical value for the website which would be it IP address, such as 123.234.345.456. The server that provides this information is known as an authoritative name server, that then points to the actual server with the website on it. This is the Domain Look Up process.

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