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Lead System Network – LSN

Lead System Network refers to an all in one marketing tool suite or else an opportunity for income aiming at provision of tools and resources to people so as to promote any business online. It enables people to make money online and from home. Lead System Network provides an affiliate program paying 100 percent commissions, 100 per cent of the time also employs a 3 by 9 forced matrix. LSN Network is usually ideal for any marketer who would wish to leverage the internet as well as the mobile technology in order to support them in promotion and selling any product or program.

An individual may automate his/her sales using the system’s tools such as sales funnels and lead capture pages. The system follows up automatically with texts, emails, post card and voice broadcasting to their address. I know many people in a company called COMMING SOON where a system like this may help them. A lead capture page about weight loss could be designed and would be a good way to collect email addresses from their website. This is just one of many ways the LSN can help a person to do their home business.


Lead System Network Membership Levels

The system provides four membership levels namely:

i. Basic tool suite

ii. Pro Tool Suite

iii. Master Distributor

iv. Franchise Partner Rights

An individual can pay a monthly fee and make use of the tools if wishes to join the system. For those wishing to participate in affiliate program, an additional amount of $19.95 is usually paid. The system requires an individual to get people to sign up and join the system. When people pay to join, an individual gets a certain percentage commission off of them. Thus, the more people join the system, the more money an individual makes.

Lead System Network Products

The system offers many varieties of products. By joining the system, an individual gains access to the following:

· Publishing tools – These are the things that captures and converts one’s leads into the network. They are the pages seen all over the net asking for emails and names. They include:

· Capture page wizard

· Landing page wizard

· Light box capture page

· Blog

· Domain

· Form creator

a. Sales management – This handles individuals’ sales related stuff in the system. One requires keeping track of his leads and what they are doing. They include:

· Funnels

· Campaigns

· Ad coops

· Ad copy

· Statistics

b. Broadcast tools – This handles the work side of the marketing. They allow an individual to connect with his/her leads and download in it and facilitating communications. They include:

· Email broadcast

· Voice broadcast

· Postal broadcast webinars

· Google hangout

· Text broadcast

c. Respond tools – These tells the system’s auto responder. Apart from the email responders, one can connect through voice messages. The tools include:

· Postal auto responder

· Email auto responder

· Voice auto responder

· Live chat

· Text auto responder


i. Very low price to pay in comparison to the number of tools an individual gets.

ii. All tools needed for one’s online business are under one roof.

iii. It is easy to manage all the tools under one account.

iv. An individual generates income while using the tools.

v. Has a remarkable compensation plan.

vi. Top markets in the market are using the same tools included in the system.


i. Some people may not need all the tools offered.

ii. An individual cannot use his/her own domain name.

iii. There is a lot of up-sells

iv. There is usually an additional fee of $19.95 in case one wants to be an affiliate.


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Lead System Network Tool Suite

Lead System Network Tool Suite